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We offer complete solutions for the optimization and cost-effective management of water supply systems. Our clients aim for effective operation, the latest technological developments and revenue growth.

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Water supply systems face daily challenges posed by legislation, weather conditions, pollution, consumer increase, defects, pressure changes and global costs. Decisions on the remodeling of and investment into water supply networks are usually based on the recommendations of the network or distribution managers and controllers. They rely on existent data and procedures as well as their own experience. Due to time constraints, which can result in hasty decisions, external consultation would perhaps be beneficial.
The answer to the global cost increase (energy, manpower, taxes, water price restrictions) lies in the optimisation and creation of one’s own reserves, especially by means of water loss reduction. High-quality control over all segments of the water supply system operation gives rise to technologically advanced and cost-effective decisions guaranteed to result in savings and/or additional income.
Let us present you with tailor-made solutions for the operation control, management and optimization of your water supply system, resulting in high-quality water distribution.
We offer professional know-how, extensive international experience and state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to holistic approaches that result in simple but effective management solutions and the best possible supply of drinking water at a lower price.
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The ecological and atmospheric conditions as well as the exploitation of existing sources result in a decrease of quality drinking water on a daily basis. This leads to using lesser quality water sources and compels us to develop water treatment technologies that remove impurities, after which the water is returned into nature. An important additional source is the water saved by means of timely repairs of network leakages. This additionally increases the value of every cubic metre of the water in a water supply system.
The increasing costs of energy, production and labour along with taxes and water price limitations force public companies and their concessionaires to create internal reserves. A big part of the latter can be achieved by optimizing the management and making appropriate investments into the water supply systems.
Water losses in water supply networks comprise between 20% and 60% of total water production. They occur due to illegal water tappings, damaged pipelines, hydrant leakages, connection joint leakages, unrecorded consumption on water meters, processed water for public utility services (washing streets, machinery, construction, etc.), unsold water etc.
We understand optimization as a timely response to unexpected changes in the flow and pressure of the water supply system. The aim of a fast response is to control the system and prevent possible further unauthorized water consumption, damages or water loss from the network. The pressure optimization, especially at night time, reduces the leakage from the system and consequently the quantity of processed water, which reduces the cost of water supply.
Sustainable decisions on investments into the construction or renewal of the water supply system are essential for achieving the optimum effect of the investment, both in terms of costs and the safety of the water supply system.
We offer a package for the optimization of the operation of public utility companies. Our offer is constantly upgraded and we already collaborate with a number of public companies in Slovenia as well as worldwide. We would be honoured to assist you with high-quality holistic solutions for the optimization of your water supply, enabling you to quickly achieve positive results, and offer you a complete package of services and state-of-the-art equipment.

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We offer complete solutions for the optimization and cost-effective management of water supply systems.


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