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In the heart of a Slovenian forest, there is a spring so beautiful and cool. It is one of our purest and freshest water sources in the country, a gift from nature to us and from us to you. We do not exploit it, but cherish it because we realise the importance of water in our daily lives. We drink it, use it to grow food and plants as well as for producing things industrially. Most importantly, however, water gives life and meets one our most basic needs for survival. This is why we have decided not to just distribute water to others, but help others develop and manage their own water resource supply by means of our technology and know-how. Our goal is to improve the quality of water all around the world and eventually create a place where all people will have access to water supply in sufficient quantities.

About Us

H2O group is one of the few companies in Slovenia that distribute Slovenian water to foreign partners. We also specialise in various areas of water supply optimisation.


Our mission is to provide fresh, pure and quality water for our partners all around the world. We aim to increase their awareness of the importance of strategic water resource optimisation and the best technology for a successful water optimisation process.
We strive to preserve and protect water resources by means of the best and safest available technology. Our main goal is to provide your drinking water by means of distribution or by providing technological solutions for water resource optimisation.


We aspire to become a major international water distributor, and to supply international markets with optimisation tools for successful water management.


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Water Distribution

Krystal Drop is natural mineral water (still or sparkling). We supply the product in plastic and glass bottles of different sizes. Our design concept is simple but effective – with a unique graphic and logo.

Mineral water (still)

  • 0.5 litre plastic bottle
  • 1.0 litre plastic bottle
  • 1.5 litre plastic bottle
  • 3 litre plastic bottle
  • 0.75 litre glass bottle
  • 1.0 litre glass bottle
  • bulk container (33,000 litres)

Mineral water (sparkling water)

  • 0.5 litre plastic bottle
  • 1.0 litre plastic bottle
  • 1.5 litre plastic bottle
  • 0.75 litre glass bottle


The core benefit is to provide our costumers with high-quality water for meeting one of their basic needs (that of hydration) as human beings. The other benefit is informing our customers about the importance of good water optimisation plans, which are feasible even in countries which are not rich in water.


The main focus of our distribution are foreign markets. We specialise in markets with fewer natural fresh water resources. This is closely connected with our mission to supply those markets not just with water but also with appropriate technology and expertise for optimising their water consumption and supply.

Analysis of the quality of natural mineral water Kaplja

To learn more about the Krystal Drop Mineral Water Analysis click on the “Download” button below.


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