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Municipal Infrastructure Optimisation

The global population growth and the increasing migration to urban areas give rise to communal infrastructure overloads. This leads to unpredictable occurrences and situations and thus to higher costs connected with labour, energy and fault repairs.
Communal infrastructure optimisation can take place in the water distribution, sewerage, gas and electricity systems. The most important elements in the optimisation (i.e. a more cost-effective running) of these systems are expertise and know-how. The optimisation process consists of several steps: the analysis of the current situation, mathematical simulations and the development of the most effective solutions for fault reduction. This leads to a more economical and effective operation.

Water Distribution and Sewage Systems

We take pride in the latest technologies for the operation and protection of water distribution and sewerage systems. They ensure high-quality, reliable, safe and therefore cost-effective functioning, always catering to your unique demands. Our holistic services consist of technical and commercial support (consulting, project development and fieldwork) along with highly competitive distribution deadlines, installation and lifelong maintenance of your equipment.

Measuring equipment:

  • Water meters for user consumption (various types)
  • Flow meters (mechanical, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, volumetric)
  • Pressure and level meters (ultrasonic, mechanical, electrical, battery)
  • Equipment for data storage and transfer via radio or GPRS networks
  • Software for data storage and analysis

Hydromechanical equipment:

  • Stopping elements (throttling devices, traps, ball and other valves)
  • Non-return valves and traps
  • Mechanical regulation and safety valves
  • Hydro-regulatory and safety valves for pressure, flow and level management
  • Vents for ventilation of pressure systems with liquids
  • Joints for various pipe types with various assembly or disassembly elements
  • Hydrants, dischargers, fitting elements (connectors) and other equipment for project realisation

We offer technological consulting for the optimum choice and maintenance of your equipment.

Water loss reduction:

  • Design of optimum approaches to effective water loss decrease by means of the IWA methodology
  • Network register adjustment software
  • Software for developing static and dynamic mathematical system models
  • Software for the collection and analysis of data from all measurement stations and DMA areas
  • Satellite scanning of water supply networks for timely leak discovery
  • Repairs of leakages with or without excavation
  • Staff education for optimum system maintenance

Water quality:

  • Water filters (mechanical, automatic, self-cleaning, membrane, with or without filters
  • Water sterilisation equipment (with UV beams or disinfection agents)
  • Equipment for the optimisation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Water quality analysers and alarms
  • Ceramic catalysts for biological improvement of water quality (lower geotoxicity level)

Project Planning and Consulting

Make use of our technical and technological support for optimum tailor-made solutions and equipment in a variety of fields. A comprehensive analysis, construction and instalment are at your disposal!

We offer expert know-how regarding the choice of the best equipment for pumping, distribution, filtering, chemical treatment, storage and loss reduction in drinking water, rain water and wastewater operation systems. We also specialise in project development and consulting in setting up and managing fire-protection and irrigation systems.

Drinking water:

  • Technical preparation of drinking water
  • Water system facilities
  • Distribution systems
  • Water system optimisation and management


  • Water treatment plants
  • Facilities in sewage systems and rainwater drainage systems
  • Sewage network

Industrial effluents:

  • Water preparation for industrial purposes
  • Water-cooling systems
  • Fire protection systems

Irrigation water:

  • Technologies for the preparation of irrigation water
  • Irrigation system facilities
  • Distribution systems
  • Irrigation system equipment

Optimisation and management of hydromechanical equipment in energy facilities and on watercourses:

  • Hydromechanical equipment for MHE and flow management on open watercourses

Sewage Mining Systems

We develop effective technological solutions for all stages of wastewater treatment – all tailored to your unique needs. Our cutting-edge sewage mining technology can be used to recycle sewage solids and extract them out of the wastewater while making the solids a valuable revenue-generating commodity used in a variety of industrial branches: construction, bio-plastics, pulp, paper etc. The solids can also be used as environment-friendly fuel or energy source.

We can also provide mining technologies for solid waste collection to upgrade your existing wastewater treatment plant, and offer the latest technologies for lowering your overall energy consumption!

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